Month: November 2013

training run #690

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Saturday 30 November, 07:59

Cold, 4C, breezy. Went for a 7 mile run, partly to test my left ankle again. Felt a niggle throughout the run, think it might be making me land more mid foot than my usual forefoot. Again, it’s not painful just an irritation. Wore long sleeved top for a change, instead of tshirt and jacket.

Distance: 11.51km
Time: 1:03:40
Avg HR: 150bpm
Avg pace: 5:32 min/km
Calories: 811

training run #689

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Friday 29 November, 06:38

9C, breezy and relatively mild. Just a t-shirt for this 4 mile run. Thought I’d see if my ankle was better after a few days of not running. Felt the niggle for most of the run, mostly on the inside of my ankle, but not what you could call painful. Virtually nothing afterwards, no reaction.

Distance: 6.77km
Time: 38:33
Avg HR: 148 bpm
Avg pace: 5:42 min/km
Calories: 519

training run #688

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Sunday 24 November, 06:40

Cool, 5C, overcast. Went for a 10 mile run, three laps of RV. Probably could have done without lightweight jacket. Felt slight niggle left knee for the first 2km, then it switched to a niggle in left ankle for the rest of the run. Couldn’t pinpoint it, sometimes on outside of ankle, sometimes inside or in the arch of my foot. Think I might need some new trainers.

Distance: 16.21km
Time: 1:31:07
Avg HR: 148bpm
Avg pace: 5:37 min/km
Calories: 1203

training run #687

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Friday 22 November,  06:12

5C and cold.  Another 7 mile run. Again I wore my hat and could have managed without it. A cool headwind on the far side, sheltered on the near side.

Distance:  11.51km
Time:  1:05:16
Avg HR:  148bpm
Avg pace:  5:40 min/km
Calories:  884

training run #686

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Thursday 21 November,  06:04

5C, cold, damp and dark.  Went for a 7 mile run. Windy on the far side of RV and there was a shower on the first lap.  On the second lap I got both feet wet due the large puddles.  Didn’t bother with running tights and could have managed without my hat.

Distance:  11.57km
Time:  1:04:56
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  5:37 min/km
Calories:  805

Doctors visit 20 November 2013

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Annual review with doctor today, just to check if I’m staying on simvastatin for another year. Blood test results show ‘normal’ liver function (checked since I had gall bladder removed) and cholesterol figure is 4.8. This is the same as last time and doctor is content. Blood pressure also ‘normal’.

Chatted about running and was told we’ll carry on with the prescription, review again in 12 months.

training run #685

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Tuesday 19 November, 06:02

Frosty, 2C, with clear skies and a chill breeze. Wrapped up for a 7 mile run. Hat, gloves, jacket and first use of the running tights this Autumn kept me warm enough. A bit of frost on the paths and some frozen puddles but nothing too hazardous. A pleasant run.

Distance: 11.54km
Time: 1:04:49
Avg HR: 147bpm
Avg pace: 5:37 min/km
Calories: 855