Day: December 24, 2013

training run #701

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Tuesday 24 December, 06:21. Christmas Eve

Cool, 6C, windy.  Started the new marathon training plan today, which called for a 45 minute run at zone 2 effort.  Expected a very soggy path after heavy overnight rain so put some old trainers on.  Found it ok running slower than I usually do to stay in zone 2.  Needed to keep using the backlight on Garmin as I was running in the dark. After one lap I didn’t head straight home but turned left at the roundabout then right, turned onto Hartland Ave, then along to the Belfry before heading for home. Finished bang on 45 mins. Felt left ankle niggle throughout.

Distance:  7.48km (4.6m)
Time:  45:01
Avg HR:  137bpm (zone 2)
Avg pace:  6:01 min/km
Calories:  541
Old silver/blue trainers