training run #708

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Saturday 4 January, 07:34

6C, cool, windy and wet. The plan called for a 75 minute run. It was chucking it down when I started the run, but by the end of the first lap it eased off. Did 2 full laps of RV and an extra lap of the northern lake to make up the time. Left ankle was the best it’s been of late but still noticed it occasionally. Lots of puddles helped to slow me down, keep my pace in zone 1-2. An easy run but think my calf muscles are adapting to slower running, as they’re sometimes stiff. Can’t be the distance, must be a slightly different style of running. Also noticed my right knee was feeling a little odd just before the run and a bit sore a couple of hours afterwards.

This completes week 2 of the 16 week training plan for doing the London marathon. Did all five runs this week, in spite of very mixed weather and a return to work after the holidays.

Distance: 12.95km (8 miles)
Time: 1:16:37
Avg HR: 136bpm
Avg pace: 5:55 min/km
Calories: 922
Black trainers


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