Day: January 12, 2014

training run #713

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Sunday 12 January, 08:55

0C, a frosty, cold morning with great sunshine, only a slight mist and zero wind. The training plan called for a 90 minute run at zone 2 effort. Did three laps of RV. Chatted with another runner round the first lap, running at the max for my zone 2 because he’s a faster runner (3:19 marathon pb!). Felt left ankle towards the end of the run, but it was easy to maintain the pace for the full run. Plenty of frozen puddles and icy bits, but didn’t slip. Great running in daylight again, after the dark midweek runs.

Ran today as I’d got other stuff to do Saturday morning. Had made good progress with Ash clearing the jungle garden this week, and while physically OK I burned the candle at both ends and ended up a bit brain frazzled. Left work at lunchtime Friday because of this. Can now see I’d over stretched myself a bit. Can compare it with the feeling I had at the end of a marathon, just maxed out and nothing left. Couple that with a boss with strange ways of managing staff and I only just managed to avoid exploding. I sort of imploded a bit, or just opened a safety valve. Today I’m still mentally fatigued but probably ok to work tomorrow, as long as I make it a short day and the boss doesn’t say anything stupid…

Distance: 16.43km (10.2 miles)
Time: 1:32:49
Avg HR: 144bpm
Avg pace: 5:39 min/km
Calories: 1138
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