training run #718

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Saturday 18 January, 08:15

7C, cool, showery. Went for a 1hour 45 minute run at zone 1-2 effort. Three laps of RV, returning along the Avenue. It felt easy to maintain this zone 2 pace. The rain was intermittent and my left ankle niggle was only apparent towards the end. On lap 2 I saw 40-odd runners lining up at a ‘start’ point, and when they were set off I was only 100m in front, running towards them. They didn’t have the sense to let other runners use the park, and a few nearly hit me. I had a glancing collision with one, and had to hurdle a medium sized dog on a lead. I think it was a club run; they just did one lap. Apart from that incident I enjoyed this rainy run, and finished with plenty left. Felt a bit of stiffness in right calf later.

Distance: 16.92km (10.5 miles)
Time: 1:40:48
Avg HR: 142bpm
Avg pace: 5:57 min/km
Calories: 1230
Black trainers


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