training run #721

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Saturday 25 January, 08:14

7C, feeling mild, bright with some clouds. The plan called for a 2 hour run in zone 1-2, which equates to 3 full laps of RV and 1 lap of the main lake. Maintained a steady pace for most of the run, but my HR went up and stayed up when I was again mowed down by runners at the start of the Park Run on the far side. I shouted for runners to watch where they were running and told the officials in plain words that I was not happy! That was on lap 2 and spoiled the training run for me. Felt left ankle slightly on lap 3, otherwise fine.

That’s the end of week 5 on the training plan. I’d missed two runs on Thurs and Fri due to working in London. I’d got some exercise by lugging a case around London, up and down lots of steps on the tube etc. I also felt that case caused a niggle on right knee so decided to save myself for the long run. The knee niggle seems to have receded.

Straight after this run I breakfasted and went out for Ash’s stag party, expecting to only have a couple of pints and drop out after a few hours. Drank quite a bit more than 2pints and gave up after 5 hours or so, then slept it off. As it was real ale I don’t have such a bad headache.

Distance: 20.05km (12.4 miles)
Time: 1:59:37
Avg HR: 148bpm
Avg pace: 5:58 min/km
Calories: 1523
Black trainers

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