Day: February 8, 2014

training run #731

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Saturday 8 February, 07:44

4C, windy and sunny. The plan called for a 2.5 hour run in zone 2. I ran out past The Pebley, back through Harthill, Kiveton and Wales, into Rother Valley and did an extra loop of the northern lake to get the time in and make it 16 miles. Kept the pace easy throughout but on the hills was unable to keep HR in zone 2. Legs had a lot of bounce, running light, and felt great. The very strong southerly wind had me running on the spot in several places, but carried me along from Harthill to Kiveton. Tired a bit towards the end but no problems. Drank 500ml water and had 3 gels.

Distance: 25.8km (16 miles)
Time: 2:36:47
Avg HR: 146bpm
Avg pace: 6:05 min/km
Calories: 1839
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