Day: February 10, 2014

training run #732

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Monday 10 February, 18:12

6C on house thermometer; 4C on car dashboard; felt even colder at RV. Went for an after-work run due to my morning being too busy with wedding stuff. Didn’t really feel like it, but I expect the weather to worsen later in the week so I’m trying to stick to the schedule which calls for a zone 2, 45 minute run. The moon shone bright and lit the path. Saw a few other runners with head torches, one of which was as bright as a lighthouse! Halfway round the running felt easier and there were no dramas.

Distance: 7.45km (4.6 miles)
Time: 43:47
Avg HR: 139bpm
Avg pace: 5:53 min/km
Calories: 524
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