Day: February 11, 2014

training run #733

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Tuesday 11 February, 06:23

3C, cold, wet and windy. The plan called for a 60 minute run with 3x 400m intervals (200m recovery jog). Listening to the rain beating against the window I nearly stayed in bed. Glad I didn’t though. I wrapped up well and enjoyed the intervals. A strong southerly wind made the near side of RV uncomfortably cold, but it was great to get this run done and beat the weather conditions. The first interval was on the tarmac at the southern end, and I found it slippy in parts with slushy ice. I pushed hard on the sprints but it wasn’t easy to get into zone 4 for the short distances required.

Distance: 10.69km (6.6 miles)
Time: 1:02:47
Avg HR: 141bpm
Avg pace: 5:52 min/km
Calories: 782
Black soggy trainers