Day: March 6, 2014

training run #748

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Thursday 6 March, 06:15

9C, mild, breezy, overcast. The plan called for a 75 minute run with 60 minutes of Marathon Pacing Session. Found it had to keep a fixed pace, but I stayed at or under MPS, not over. First lap my HR was in the low 140s, second lap in the upper 140s as I tired slightly. Did the MPS as soon as I got to RV and the 60 mins took me two full laps and a loop of the northern lake. Just the run to/from was not MPS. No problems.

Distance: 12.95km (8 miles)
Time: 1:11:28
Avg HR: 144bpm
Avg pace: 5:31 min/km
Calories: 943
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