Day: March 13, 2014

training run #753

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Thursday 13 March, 06:04

3C, mist and a bit frosty, chill breeze from south east. The plan called for a 90 minute run including 70 minutes of Marathon Pacing Session (5:37 min/km pace). Wrapped up with hat and running tights, had a gel before running and carried and drank 500ml water. Did three laps of RV. I started the MPS as I entered RV, and it lasted from 1km to 14km. Checking my Garmin it seemed stuck around 5:23 min/km, and HR was slightly above zone 2. Annoyingly, as I stopped MPS and eased off slightly to run to the exit my HR settled comfortably into zone 2 and pace settled around the target 5:37 min/km. A nice run with the sun rising through a misty start.

Distance: 16.19km (10 miles)
Time: 1:28:57
Avg HR: 145bpm
Avg pace: 5:30 min/km
Calories: 1109
Black trainers
New socks