Day: March 23, 2014

training run #760

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Sunday 23 March, 07:06

3C, cold, breezy, mostly sunshine but some clouds blowing through. The plan called for another 20 mile run. Had a gel before starting, then 9km, 17km, 25km, and drank 1 litre of water. I taped over a heel blister I got walking around Manchester on Friday; it didn’t cause a problem and hardly noticed it. Kept a sensible pace and felt good. It was chilly on the tops of the hills but felt mild, even warm, in the sheltered sunny parts of the route. Went through 13.1 miles in 2:05. There was a strong headwind on the bridge/viaduct past Beighton. On previous 20 milers I’d gone into ‘get me home’ mode by 16 miles, but I felt better this time. Not bouncing along but still strong, right up to the last km when it got harder. Not shattered at the end, just tired. Feel well prepared with just 3 weeks to the London Marathon. Taper starts now – but it looks like I’ve still got 6 hours of running next week!

Distance: 32.00km (20 miles)
Time: 3:09:48
Avg HR: 147bpm
Avg pace: 5:56 min/km
Calories: 2144
Black trainers

I weighed myself yesterday: 75km (11st 11lb)

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