Month: April 2014

training run #777

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Wednesday 30 April, 06:22

12C, cool, grey, overcast. Went for a 7 mile run and tried to keep HR in the 130s (apart from the climb up out of RV). Settled quickly into a steady rhythm. Straightforward run, saw a few rabbits.

Distance: 11.46km
Time 1:06:48 (slow!)
Avg HR: 138bpm
Avg pace: 5:50 min/km
Calories: 816
Black trainers

training run #776

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Tuesday 29 April, 06:03

11C, cool, overcast with a bit of mist. Went for a 7 mile run at RV, in HR zone 2. Felt fine but the strong bounce hasn’t yet returned to my legs after the marathon. No problems though.

Distance: 11.48km
Time: 1:05:45
Avg HR: 142bpm
Avg pace: 5:44 min/km
Calories: 834
Black trainers

training run #775

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Sunday 27 April, 07:48

10C, cool, overcast and breezy, brightening up to 15C, warm and a bit of sunshine. Went for my usual 13 mile route, not trying to do a particular time just enjoy it. Had a gel before starting and used two more and 500ml water. No problems. Returning to RV there was a race on, so I was running against the flow for half a lap.

Distance: 21.05km
Time: 2:02:21
Avg HR: 146bpm
Avg pace: 5:49 min/km
Calories: 1537
Black trainers

training run #774

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Thursday 24 April, 06:29

9C, misty, cold. Decided not to wear lightweight jacket, just tshirt and shorts; good call. Did a 7 mile run in HR zone 2. RV was nice and fresh after overnight rain, the fog/mist lifting as I ran. No problems.

Distance: 11.45km
Time: 1:06:12
Avg HR: 144bpm
Avg pace: 5:47 min/km
Calories: 890
Black trainers

training run #773

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Wednesday 23 April, 06:18

9C, cool, sunny. Went for a 7 mile run with a glorious sunrise over RV. Tried to stay in HR zone 2. No problems. Great run, perfect conditions.

Distance: 11.54km
Time: 1:05:16
Avg HR: 142bpm
Avg pace: 5:39 min/km
Calories: 821
Black trainers

training run #772

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Monday 21 April, 08:20

11C, overcast with a chilly NE wind. First run since the London Marathon so just did an easy paced 2 laps of RV, 7 miles. No problems. 25 weeks to the Yorkshire Marathon in mid-October, so will just keep my fitness ticking over for 9 weeks then follow the marathon training schedule.

Distance: 11.51km
Time: 1:05:59
Avg HR: 142bpm
Avg pace: 5:44 min/km
Calories: 754
Black trainers

Virgin Money London Marathon 2014

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Sunday 13 April, 10:00

I’d been trying to get entry to this race for a few years. Now, after signing up to raise funds for charity, I’d got a place and the day finally arrived. I travelled on an early train on the Docklands Light Railway to get to Greenwich Park for about 8:00, to meet up with Jeff. He was there first and found me easily, and had an Australian chap in tow. The weather was mild and sunny, a big change from the other big city marathons which to date have been chilly>freezing. Had a free coffee and nearly got interviewed by the BBC. The build up was fairly calm; I wasn’t really nervous and tried to relax and save energy.

At 10:00 the race started but it took 15 minutes to actually pass over the start timing mats. The massive numbers made it difficult to get up to our preferred running pace, so we mostly slowed and just kept moving. No point running in and out of everyone. I soon began to feel hot and kept taking on water and the odd gulp of Lucozade. The crowds were large and there were lots of shouts for our names and ‘twins’.

I recall running around Cutty Sark at 6 miles and turning a sharp corner and seeing Tower Bridge immediately ahead at halfway. Had a good look for Jacqui near our hotel but she’d been unable to cross to get to a viewing point. By 18 miles the bounce had gone from my legs, and the soles of my feet were starting to hurt. I expected to have blistered and bloody feet by the finish. I could keep going at that pace but not accelerate to pass people or dodge obstacles. Jeff was great, picking up water while I kept moving. I didn’t want to walk, was focused on running it all. The last few miles I knew the landmarks and when I saw the sign ‘385 yards to go’ I knew we’d done it.

What an experience! Passing the finish line I stopped and had to gather myself a bit, feeling light-headed. A chap took a photo with Jeff’s phone and we made our way to the meeting point. A charity photographer took another pic and we decided to find Pat and all go off to the pub Jeff found, for food, drink and the FA Cup semi-final. Good call, even though we missed the reception at Banqueting Hall. A good football match but the Blades were defeated 5-3. It didn’t take the shine off an excellent day.

Back at the hotel I gingerly removed my trainers and found tired and sore feet, but no blood or blisters. Had just normal leg muscle weariness, and my left knee was a bit sore in one place.

I agree with Jeff that the start needed more music and less chat on the PA. Also, I think another improvement would be more stewards on the narrower sections of the course, to keep crowds back and make room for runners, especially when the big volume of 4-5 hour finishers are progressing around the course. But the organisation and logistics were otherwise first class.

Distance: 42.78km (Garmin)
Time: 4:32:19 (official and Garmin)
Avg HR: 155bpm (think it was 160+ for most of the second half)
Avg pace: 6:22 min/km (Garmin)
Calories: 3611
Temp: 9C to 16C?? Just estimating – it felt hotter!
Black trainers – probably need replacing soon