Day: May 3, 2014

training run #779

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Saturday 3 May, 06:51

Started at 2C, rising to 8C, sunny, cool to mild. Went for my usual 13 mile weekend route. HR was low for the first half then started it climb as I got warm from the sunshine. A nice run. Had a gel before starting, then two more and 500ml water on the run. Tired slightly on the last mile. A fun run was gathering at RV so there were plenty of families and dogs to dodge, none of them expecting a lone runner to be coming towards them!

Distance: 21.09km
Time: 2:00:41
Avg HR: 148bpm
Avg pace: 5:43 min/km
Calories: 1542
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training run #778

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Friday 2 May, 06:27

7C, cool, bright and sunny. Went for a 7 mile run. Nice and straightforward.

Distance: 11.48km
Time: 1:05:51
Avg HR: 143bpm
Avg pace: 5:44 min/km
Calories: 878
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