Day: May 18, 2014

training run #783

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Sunday 18 May, 07:44. My 50th birthday.

14C in the shade, much warmer in RV in full sunshine. Went for a 7 mile run, having taken a week and a half off while holidaying. I’d taken my running gear but didn’t get out for a run while in Ireland. My hamstrings were tight after two afternoons weeding the garden at Flockton Ave, and carrying lots of stuff into the garage. So I took it easy until a couple of other runners caught me up and carried me along at a faster pace while we chatted. I’d talked to one of them previously and was updating them about the London Marathon, etc. For 3/4 of a lap my pace was more like interval sprinting, until they turned off. Felt a bit of soreness on the ball of my left foot, some blistering not fully healed from VMLM. Also a slight niggle on right shin. Need to get back in the running routine with a return to work on Tuesday. Today was very warm, wore sun cream and drank 500ml water.

Distance: 11.47km
Time: 1:05:28
Avg HR: 151bpm
Avg pace: 5:43 min/km
Calories: 945
Black trainers