Day: June 8, 2014

training run #795

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Sunday 8 June, 07:26

14C, rising up to maybe 18C, sunny, warm wind. Went for the usual 13 mile weekend run. With the warm weather I just planned to take it steady. Had 500ml water but no gels as I’d run out. Felt warm but fine, saw my HR creep up and tried to slow down to keep it normal. Running the last part around RV I was joined by another chap I’ve seen on and off, and he was faster. So though he eased off I raised my speed and my HR climbed up. No problems on the run but drying off after a shower the muscles in back of my left thigh – hamstring – cramped a bit. Not sure if it was caused by running too fast at the end, or dehydration, but I’ve felt it through the day while out and about. Will make sure it’s OK before my next run – which will hopefully be on Tues or Weds.

Distance: 21.04km
Time: 2:01:46
Avg HR: 152bpm
Avg pace: 5:47 min/km
Calories: 1649
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