Day: June 25, 2014

training run #804

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Tuesday 24 June, 06:17

14C, warm, sunny.  Did a 7 mile run.  Looking at the marathon training schedule I should start this week, I see it totals 3.5 hours over five runs.  I’m already doing 5 hours a week over 4 runs. So I will follow my own pattern this week, and maybe next.  Drank 500ml water. Enjoyed the sunshine, this really was the best hour of the day.

Working in Liverpool for an exhibition on Weds I didn’t take my trainers, thought I’d struggle for time.  Feels like I’ve aggravated something near my hip/top of left thigh on outside, probably pulling heavy bags around.  Hope it feels ok in the morning…

distance:  11.45km

time:  1:05:34

avg HR:  144bpm

avg pace:  5:44 min/km

calories:  821

Black trainers