Day: July 9, 2014

training run #812

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Wednesday 9 July, 06:25

14C, sunny, warm, another 7 miles. Virtually identical run to yesterday with conditions and stats. The difference is I hardly noticed left hamstring on the first lap. Towards the end of the lap I sprinted for 250 metres to blast past another runner. Legs felt great for that but the slight niggle returned on and off. Lesson learned, keep the pace easy and let it heal. Drank 500ml water. Think the hamstring is a long lasting consequence of the afternoon gardening/weeding a few weeks ago.

Distance: 11.47km
Time: 1:06:33
Avg HR: 144bpm (the sprint raised it a bit)
Avg pace: 5:48 min/km
Calories: 905
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training run #811

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Tuesday 8 July, 06:29

14C, sunny and warm. Another 7 mile run. Noticed left hamstring niggle throughout so kept the pace easy. Drank 500ml water.

Distance: 11.46km
Time: 1:06:35
Avg HR: 138bpm
Avg pace: 5:49 min/km
Calories: 825
White trainers