Day: August 3, 2014

training run #826

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Sunday 3 August, 07:08

13C, sunny, a bit windy. The training schedule called for a 2h15 run, so planned to do 14 miles; the usual 13 mile weekend run with an extra lap of the northern lake at RV. Had a gel before starting, 2 more on the run with 500ml water. It felt cool/fresh at first but soon warmed up. Just took it easy and tried to keep HR in zone 2 as much as possible. Ash’s sister Rachel passed me in the car near Woodall and said hello. My legs had a lot more bounce than I expected, so I was running light on the balls of my feet a lot.

Have had a runny nose for a few days but think it’s going away now. This was week six of the marathon training schedule, the first week I’ve put in 4 weekday runs and a long weekend run, compared to my usual 3+1 pattern. Total this week is 7+7+7+7+14=42 miles. Pleased with that.

Distance: 22.72
Time: 2:11:40
Avg HR: 148bpm
Avg pace: 5:48 min/km
Calories: 1668
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