training run #841

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Wednesday 27 August, 06:18

12C, bright and cool, with high cloud blocking out the sunrise. The training plan called for a 75 minute run with 3x 800m intervals (400m recovery). Did 8 miles, the usual route with an extra loop of the northern lake. Legs felt a bit unwilling at first, with a bit of stiffness in right heel/achilles. Even the intervals were not the best, just pushing enough to get into HR zone 3 rather than risk injury. Felt better on the second lap, got into a nice rhythm for a while. Drank 500ml water. Have been feeling a few aches and pains the past few days, particularly when I’ve been sat for a while. Think the higher mileage is taking its toll, making my muscles adapt and grow (hopefully!).

Distance: 12.91km
Time: 1:14:24
Avg HR: 141bpm
Avg pace: 5:46 min/km
Calories: 909
White trainers

Wildlife: 2 squirrels

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