Day: September 19, 2014

training run #856

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Friday 19 September, 06:19

16C, grey, drizzly. The plan called for a 90 minute run including 80 minutes of Marathon Pacing Session. Did three full laps of RV for 10 miles. That included 76 minutes of MPS. Felt fine, and two days of relative rest travelling on trains for work meant the usual niggles had faded. Started at MPS pace but gradually speeded up; did the last lap at interval pace quite comfortably. Drank 500ml water and finished strong.

Probably skip the short (60 min) run I’ve missed this week and just do the scheduled 20-miler on Sunday.

Distance: 16.2km
Time: 1:28:21
Avg HR: 152bpm
Avg pace: 5:27 min/km 🙂
Calories: 1275
White trainers