training run #857

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Sunday 21 September, 06:46

11-14C, clear skies, sunny. Lots of mist rising from the lake at RV. The training plan called for the last long run, 20 miles. Did the same route as 2 weeks ago. As I got ready outside my Garmin, which I thought I’d fully charged, reported ‘low battery’. So I left HR chest strap at home and just used Garmin as a watch. Wondered how I’d get on running by feel, with no data on pace or HR. Set off easy and the usual right heel niggle wore off. Had gels at 7km, 14km, 21km and 27km, and drank 1 litre of water. Enjoyed the run, tired a bit in the last few miles but could probably have run a couple more miles. A lot of the run I was running light on my forefoot. Noticed a bit of soreness, like a deep blister, on pad of left foot. Right calf tightened a bit but not a big problem. The time below includes one pit stop and popping into the Co-op for water. Very similar time to two weeks ago, in spite of running by feel. Now the taper starts for the Yorkshire Marathon in three weeks.

Distance: 32.3km estimated
Time: 3:09:10
Avg HR: no data
Avg pace: 5:53 min/km estimated
Calories: 2162 estimated
White trainers

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