training run #859

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Thursday 25 September, 06:00

10C, cold, mostly clear skies. The training plan called for a 60 minute run with 40 minutes of Marathon Pacing Session. Did 6.5 miles; one lap of both lakes and one lap of the main lake. It added up to 47 minutes of MPS. Legs felt great, and the usual niggles hardly surfaced. Drank 500ml water. Couldn’t help going faster than MPS, more like interval pace (though I couldn’t see my Garmin in the dim pre-dawn for most of the first lap).

I startled a rabbit today. They usually hear me way off and skip/bounce into hiding. This one didn’t notice me until I was fairly close. Startled, it ran into the middle of the path, turned 180 and its feet spun rapidly searching for grip – just like in a cartoon. Then it zipped away at top speed, keeping low to the ground as it shot into the undergrowth, not bouncing up and down.

Distance: 10.67km
Time: 58:40
Avg HR: 150bpm
Avg pace: 5:30 min/km
Calories: 813
White trainers


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