training run #871 – ouch!!!

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Monday 27 October, 07:34

13C, mild and windy. Off work today so did this run after sunrise for a change. Planned to do a 7 mile run, depending on how the right heel behaved. Started off with a nice bouncy forefoot landing gait, hardly noticed the heel. Was doing a faster than planned pace and noticed a niggle in my back on the lower right side. Between 4-5km the back niggle turned into a sort of cramp or spasm and the outer muscles of my right thigh didn’t feel normal. Slowed a lot and thought about cutting the run short to 4 miles. The back discomfort wore off a bit, enough to make me think running the second lap would be fine. Pace picked up again and worrying about the back niggle took my attention off my right heel. Finished feeling a bit sore in the lower back.

It stiffened up and I’ve spent the whole day shuffling around like an invalid. Can’t put any weight on my right leg, can sit OK but trying to walk is difficult, I’ve strained the muscles linked with walking/running. Think I’m facing a couple of weeks resting from running and hope my back improves enough so I can go to work on Wednesday 😦 Know now that I should have stopped and walked after the back spasm, instead of pushing on, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Would probably still be laid up.

Distance: 11.51km
Time: 1:05:59
Avg HR: 151bpm
Avg pace: 5:44 min/km
Calories: 861
White trainers

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