Month: October 2014

training run #865

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Sunday 5 October, 07:11

7C, clear skies, cold. First time in a long time I’ve worn a lightweight jacket over my t-shirt. Good call, as this was a chilly start for a 6 mile run, two laps of the main lake. The plan called for an easy paced 60 minute run. Legs were fine, strong but no bounce. Put that down to the taper, legs recovering and energy stores filling up. Drank 500ml. No problems. One week to go to Yorkshire Marathon.

Distance: 9.78km
Time: 55:28
Avg HR: 144bpm
Avg pace: 5:40 min/km
Calories: 725
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training run #864

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Friday 3 October, 06:21

14C, mild, windy. Went for a 4 mile run in HR zone 2. Slight heel niggle, but not bad. Drank 500ml water.

Distance: 6.77km
Time: 40:17
Avg HR: 139bpm
Avg pace: 5:57 min/km
Calories: 520
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training run #863

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Thursday 2 October, 06:10

10C, cold, clear skies. The training plan called for a 45 minute run including 20 minutes of Marathon Pacing Session. Did one full lap of RV, including approx 27 mins of MPS, nice and easy. Total of 4 miles. Drank 250ml water.

Distance: 6.76km
Time: 38:53
Avg HR: 143bpm
Avg pace: 5:45 min/km
Calories: 507
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training run #862

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Wednesday 1 October, 06:12

14C, cloudy and warm. The plan called for a 45 minute run with 2x 800m intervals (400m recovery). Did 4 miles, one lap of both lakes at RV. No problems and drank 450ml water.

Distance: 6.75km
Time: 39:24
Avg HR: 144bpm
Avg pace: 5:50 min/km
Calories: 509
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