Month: November 2014

training run #872 (recovery #1)

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Sunday 30 November, 08:01

8C, sunrise, cool. This was my first attempt at a run since 27 October, five weeks ago. A quick recap:

27/10 felt right glute muscle stiffen, lower back spasmed, completed run but awful pain walking on right leg later. Persisted for days, weeks.

29/10 saw doctor. Seemed to be ruling out sciatica and other serious conditions. Asked about all sorts including bowel movements, even though I told him it was my glute/hip. Prodded stomach etc. told me to keep mobile, and as I had a prescription review in two weeks to report back then if not improved.

12/11 saw GP again, walking almost normally. Was told any physiotherapy on NHS would mean waiting 5-6 weeks. Annual review went ok. Changed the type of statins I’m on. Overall cholesterol 5.1.

This past week I’ve felt my glute/hip very little so decided to try a gentle run, aim for a lap of the main lake. Did it at a very easy pace, it seemed about 6:25 min/km around the lake. Back felt not as mobile as usual, but ok. About 2.5km into the run my right hip started to feel slightly sore so at 2.75km I started walking. Switched Garmin off at 3km and walked the rest. Didn’t want to risk really aggravating anything.

It didn’t stiffen up later, though I noticed it while out shopping. By tea time right leg felt normal, no problems at all. Think I’ll try another easy run later in the week. Maybe I’ll have to gradually strengthen the glutes to get hip stability back. Overall I’m relieved it’s not another setback, just need to be patient.

Distance: 3.01km
Time: 19:33
Avg HR: didn’t wear HR strap
Avg pace: 6:30 min/km (includes 250m walking)
Calories: 254