Day: December 7, 2014

training run #874 (recovery #3)

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Saturday 6 December, 07:52

-2C, clear blue skies, frosty, sunrise.  Went for my third recovery run, 4 miles, even though my back didn’t feel great.  Took it easy and felt lower back muscles slightly complaining from the start. Not painful, just not normal.  Two thirds round RV I started to feel right glutes as well, where they join my lower back, just a bit stiff or tight.  Not enough to make it necessary to stop though.  Carried on for a full lap of both lakes and home, and pleased with that.

Afterwards my back recovered quite quickly, and by lunchtime I didn’t notice any after-effect.

Knowing there might be a nice scene at RV with sunrise and frost everywhere, I carried a small camera and took a few pics.


It’s on mornings like this I really enjoy my running 🙂

Distance:  6.65km
Time:  40:23
Avg HR: no data, didn’t wear HR strap
Avg pace:  6:04 min/km
Calories:  573
White trainers