training run #886

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Sunday 4 January, 08:13

-2C, clear blue skies, frosty.  Managed three laps of RV today for a 10 mile run.  Wrapped up well for the chilly morning, and wore compression socks again.  The compacted snow/ice has gone and today there were just frozen puddles on the route around RV.  Thought if I felt OK towards the end of the second lap that I’d go for a third.  I did.  At about 14km I began to feel my right glute, a bit tired, not having any power, but just took it steady and finished tired but OK.  Pleased to keep a reasonable, steady pace throughout.  Another nice sunrise made this run very enjoyable.  Noticed a small blister on instep of left foot; either due to the longer distance or shoe may have been slightly loose I think.

Distance:  16.23km
Time: 1:33:18
Avg HR:  no data
Avg pace:  5:45 min/km
Calories:  1404
White trainers


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