Day: January 11, 2015

training run #890

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Sunday 11 January, 07:58

4C, bright and windy. Made sure I got out early today for three laps of RV, 10 miles, as there’s a running race there this morning and wanted to avoid that. I maintained an OK pace, speeding up slightly second lap. Tired on the third lap and noted slight stiffness in right glute from 14km, but not bad. A good week, 7+7+7+10= 31 miles. Plenty of time to build up to Sheffield Half (April) and Liverpool Marathon (June).

Distance: 16.27km
Time: 1:35:41
Avg HR: no data, wore HR strap but battery must be dead!
Avg pace: 5:53 min/km
Calories: 1405
White trainers