training run #897

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Sunday 25 January, 08:16

4C, cool, sun with a bit of cloud. Went for a 13 mile run, the longest since my injury. Thought it would be sensible as one of my midweek runs was only 4 miles, so the combined weekly mileage wasn’t ramping up too quickly if I did this today. Set out steady and just enjoyed the sunrise, back on an old route I last did in late September or early October. Wore running tights but ditched the gloves and hat. Good call, as the temperature rose to 7C by the end of the run. Consumed 500ml water and two gels. Was tired by the end but could have done more. Buzzing to get back to this ‘normal’ (for me) weekend distance, thinking back to November when I was limping around and fearing a really long layoff 🙂

Distance: 21.11km
Time: 2:06:05
Avg HR: 151bpm
Avg pace: 5:58 min/km
Calories: 1599
White trainers
Saw 3 peacocks and 1 pea hen


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