Month: January 2015

training run #892

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Thursday 15 January, 06:22

4C, clear skies, cool and windy. Did another 7 mile run. It was slow and sluggish, and finished nearly 2 minutes slower than yesterday. Thought my calves were doing most of the work. Felt a slight niggle on right heel, on and off. Just pleased with myself for getting out of bed and getting this one done.

Distance: 11.48km
Time: 1:09:58
Avg HR: 148bpm
Avg pace: 6:06 min/km
Calories: 916
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training run #891

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Wednesday 14 January, 06:21

1C, clear skies, cold and windy. Went for a 7 mile run. Very light overnight snowfall just dusted the paths here and there, and puddles were iced over. Replaced the battery in HR chest strap so have some HR data, but there were some odd readings early in the run (173bpm gently running downhill into RV for example). I had two laps of the park all to myself, no cyclists, runners or dog walkers, only saw the first dog walker as I exited RV and climbed the hill. Felt a slight niggle right heel on the first lap.

Distance: 11.57km
Time: 1:08:02
Avg HR: 150bpm
Avg pace: 5:53 min/km
Calories: 897
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training run #890

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Sunday 11 January, 07:58

4C, bright and windy. Made sure I got out early today for three laps of RV, 10 miles, as there’s a running race there this morning and wanted to avoid that. I maintained an OK pace, speeding up slightly second lap. Tired on the third lap and noted slight stiffness in right glute from 14km, but not bad. A good week, 7+7+7+10= 31 miles. Plenty of time to build up to Sheffield Half (April) and Liverpool Marathon (June).

Distance: 16.27km
Time: 1:35:41
Avg HR: no data, wore HR strap but battery must be dead!
Avg pace: 5:53 min/km
Calories: 1405
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training run #889

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Friday 9 January, 06:17

9C, mild, gale force winds. Another 7 mile run in the dark. Slow and steady, a good workout with the headwind.

Distance: 11.45km
Time: 1:09:41
Avg HR: no data
Avg pace: 6:05 min/km
Calories: 995
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training run #888

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Wednesday 7 January, 06:19

2C, cool and breezy. Did another 7 mile run, slightly colder than yesterday so had the running tights on again. Still doing a steady, slow pace but not feeling any niggles in glutes or lower back.

Distance: 11.51km
Time: 1:10:07
Avg HR: no data
Act pace: 6:06 min/km
Calories: 993
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training run #887

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Tuesday 6 January, 06:15

8C, a bit mild, dark. There was a strong headwind on the near side of RV for this 7 mile run. Felt heavy and sluggish, and ended up doing a heavy, sluggish pace. Noticed my quads were working a bit harder than usual. Halfway round the second lap I realised I’d made a schoolboy error; after weeks wearing running tights because of the cold I was just running with shorts today and I’d forgotten to apply Body Glide anti-chafing stick. Got a little bit sore by the end of the run. In spite of the slow pace and bit of chafing I was pleased to get another 7 miles done OK.

Distance: 11.57
Time: 1:10:08
Avg HR: no data
Avg pace: 6:04 min/km
Calories: 1001
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training run #886

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Sunday 4 January, 08:13

-2C, clear blue skies, frosty.  Managed three laps of RV today for a 10 mile run.  Wrapped up well for the chilly morning, and wore compression socks again.  The compacted snow/ice has gone and today there were just frozen puddles on the route around RV.  Thought if I felt OK towards the end of the second lap that I’d go for a third.  I did.  At about 14km I began to feel my right glute, a bit tired, not having any power, but just took it steady and finished tired but OK.  Pleased to keep a reasonable, steady pace throughout.  Another nice sunrise made this run very enjoyable.  Noticed a small blister on instep of left foot; either due to the longer distance or shoe may have been slightly loose I think.

Distance:  16.23km
Time: 1:33:18
Avg HR:  no data
Avg pace:  5:45 min/km
Calories:  1404
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