Month: January 2015

training run #885

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Thursday 1 January, 08:27

8C, mild, overcast and windy. A lot of the snow has melted but paths are still covered in ice. Set out to do 7 miles but just did 4 miles. On the way down to RV the path was treacherous, I stood at the top and literally slid downhill. Around the lakes the paths alternated between small stretches of good path and long stretches of uneven, slippery ice. The foot traffic had compressed the snow into uneven ice, and as it was melting a sheen of water covered the surface. So many times I almost went over, and my running gait was tiptoeing along, not very valuable exercise. After one miraculous lap avoiding a fall I headed off home while my skeleton was still intact. Wore compression socks on a whim, not sure if they helped at all but might wear them a bit more to evaluate them.

In the conditions stats are practically irrelevant but here they are:
Distance: 6.85km
Time: 45:11
Avg HR: no data
Avg pace: 6:36 min/km
Calories: 587
White (soggy wet) trainers