training run #900

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Sunday 1 February, 07:56

3C, cold, very windy. Wrapped up for a 13 mile run, and needed it on the higher, exposed parts of the route. Had a gel before starting and two on the run with 500ml water. Took it easy, careful for isolated patches of ice/snow, and got round comfortably. Noticed right heel niggle has almost gone. Been foam rollering daily this week and think it’s paying off.

Didn’t get a run in on Friday due to snowfall Thursday icing over badly. I usually run in all conditions and get a kick out of beating the weather, but had a feeling the risk was too great, a premonition I could do my collarbone or backside, so rested instead.

Distance: 21.08km
Time: 2:07:53
Avg HR: 150bpm
Avg pace: 6:04min/km
Calories: 1565
White trainers


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