Month: March 2015

training run #931

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Sunday 29 March, 07:16

8C, cool, overcast.  As I only managed two weekday runs I thought I’d stretch the weekend long run to 18 miles.  T-shirt and shorts weather.  Had a gel before starting, three more at 7km, 16km and 21km, and 1litre of water.  Right heel was a bit stiff early on, but hardly noticed anything else.  Light rain started at Woodall and turned heavier as I bought a bottle of water at Swallownest Co-op.  The rain eased off near Moss Way, wasn’t a problem at all.  I felt a bit tired halfway round but got a second wind.  Towards the end at Holbrook I felt really good, but tired again in the last km.  A good run, feel like I’m a month ahead of schedule, so should be able to build a good base of long runs for the Liverpool Marathon.

Distance:  29.01km

Time:  2:50:26

Avg HR:  148bpm

Avg pace:  5:52 min/km

Calories:  1974

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training run #930

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Friday 27 March, 06:29

4C, cool, a bright start but not full sunshine.  Another 7 mile run. My right heel was a bit stiff for the first km.  Didn’t feel on top form, so just ran an easy pace, not even speeding up when another runner was just ahead on the second lap.

Distance:  11.47km

Time:  1:06:23

Avg HR:  144bpm

Avg pace:  5:47 min/km

Calories:  869

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training run #929

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Thursday 26 March, 06:27

3C, cold, snow/sleet.  Thought it was raining but as I stepped outside the front door for this 7 mile run I saw it was snowing! Wore hat and gloves but my wet legs got frozen with a cold headwind on the nearside of RV.  So cold I didn’t notice any niggles 🙂  The snow/sleet eased off on the second lap and I washed off a thick layer of grime in the shower.

Distance:  11.51km

Time:  1:04:43

Avg HR:  145bpm

Avg pace:  5:37 min/km

Calories:  849

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training run #928

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Sunday, 22 March, 07:29

7C, cool, a bit overcast with sunny breaks.  Went for a 15 mile run. Didn’t feel on top form so just took it steady.  Not as much bounce in my legs today, but it’s been my biggest weekly total mileage in this training cycle: 7+7+7+7+15=43 miles. Had a gel before starting, 2 on the run and 500ml water. No niggles 🙂

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of me changing from lifelong couch potato to runner. See training run #1. Never thought I’d end up running marathons!

It’s 3 weeks to the Sheffield Half Marathon, and 12 weeks to the Liverpool Marathon. Feel like I’m ahead of training schedule. That’s good, as I’ve two days working in Edinburgh this coming week and I might not get a run in.

Distance:  24.37km

Time:  2:21:43

Avg HR:  146bpm

Avg pace:  5:49 min/km

Calories:  1697

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training run #927

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Friday 20 March, 06:24

3C, cold, blue skies.  A cracking sunrise at RV for this 7 mile run.  Felt fine but took it steady. Lovely conditions, enjoyed it.

Distance:  11.49km
Time:  1:05:17
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  5:41 min/km
Calories:  848 
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training run #926

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Thursday 19 March, 06:29

4C, cool, overcast.  Felt good so I pushed on from the start of this 7 mile run, maintaining a faster than usual pace throughout. Was surprised I was only 40 seconds faster than yesterday. Good conditions for running but a bit of a grey day.

Distance:  11.48km
Time:  1:03:06
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  5:30 min/km
Calories:  866
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training run #925

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Wednesday 18 March, 06:26

0C, frosty with mist in places. Wrapped up for a 7 mile run. Felt good but right heel niggled at the start.  I did an OK pace, and didn’t accelerate when I saw another runner on the 2nd lap. Finished strong and was surprised at the time/avg pace as I wasn’t trying.  I loved the frosty sunrise, who wouldn’t want to run on days like this?

Distance:  11.55km
Time:  1:03:45
Avg HR:  146bpm
Avg pace:  5:31 min/km
Calories:  876
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