Day: March 1, 2015

training run #916

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Sunday 1 March, 08:09

6C, cool, very windy.  Sunshine for this 15 mile run.  Shorts, tshirt and lightweight running jacket.  Managed to dodge the forecast wintry showers, but the wind was strong.  Had a gel before starting, 2 more on the run and 500ml water.  Noticed the usual niggles, but they weren’t bad, and I taped up the ball of my left foot with physio tape. That helped, but it still felt a bit sore for the last mile.  Was running on the spot into the headwind in places, so the time is irrelevant, but it’s actually slightly faster than last week.

I’m off work for a week so might manage some weekday runs in proper daylight. A quick trip to London might interfere with my run schedule, but I’m on target for Liverpool marathon so not concerned.

Distance:  24.30km

Time:  2:22:45

Avg HR:  152bpm

Avg pace:  5:53 min/km

Calories:  1841

White trainers #2