training run #918

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Saturday 7 March, 07:51

8C, overcast, mild, windy.  Did another 15 mile run.

Midweek I got a bit of ‘cross training’ in waiting outside a gig venue in London for ten hours in the freezing cold.  Lots of shuffling, jogging on the spot and just shaking with the freezing cold.  It made me miss a run, then getting back home in the early morning messed up the next day too.  As I planned to do the long run on Saturday I didn’t run on Friday either.

That meant my legs were fresh and strong for Saturday, and I felt good all the way around.  Not especially fast, but I enjoyed the hills around Harthill.  A gel before starting and two on the run, with 500ml water.  I had bought a lot of cut price Maxi fuel gels from Asda and found the berry ones have quite a strong flavour. Might get used to it.  Didn’t notice the usual niggles, and the physio tape on the ball of my left foot helped minimise the discomfort.

Distance:  24.29km

Time:  2:25:14

Avg HR:  150bpm

Avg pace:  5:59 min/km

Calories:  1800

White trainers #2


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