Day: March 29, 2015

training run #931

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Sunday 29 March, 07:16

8C, cool, overcast.  As I only managed two weekday runs I thought I’d stretch the weekend long run to 18 miles.  T-shirt and shorts weather.  Had a gel before starting, three more at 7km, 16km and 21km, and 1litre of water.  Right heel was a bit stiff early on, but hardly noticed anything else.  Light rain started at Woodall and turned heavier as I bought a bottle of water at Swallownest Co-op.  The rain eased off near Moss Way, wasn’t a problem at all.  I felt a bit tired halfway round but got a second wind.  Towards the end at Holbrook I felt really good, but tired again in the last km.  A good run, feel like I’m a month ahead of schedule, so should be able to build a good base of long runs for the Liverpool Marathon.

Distance:  29.01km

Time:  2:50:26

Avg HR:  148bpm

Avg pace:  5:52 min/km

Calories:  1974

White trainers #2