Day: May 7, 2015

training run #949

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Thursday 7 May, 06:21

8C, cool and mostly sunny.  Went for a 7 mile run including 6 miles of Marathon Pacing Session.  Right heel wasn’t too bad and it was easy to keep the right pace.  I had RV all to myself for the first lap, and saw a gathering of new, fluffy goslings with their parents near the waters edge, illuminated by the sunrise shining across the water.  Felt left lower back go a bit stiff from 8km onwards, but had no after-effects.  A straightforward run in good conditions.

Distance:  11.51km

Time:  1:03:43

Avg HR:  146bpm

Avg pace:  5:32 min/km

Calories:  864

White trainers #2