Day: May 23, 2015

training run #956

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Saturday 23 May, 06:48

12C, cool, bright with lots of high cloud.  My last long run before tapering for Liverpool; 20 miles.  Had a gel before starting, then at 8km, 18km, 25km, and drank 1 litre of water.  Started out gently, a bit slower than previous 20 milers, with right heel a problem for the first mile.  Running within myself to make sure I got round without injury.  My 21.1km time was about 2:08, compared to 2:03-2:05 recently.  Was tired towards the end but not shattered or running on empty. Think I might have found a pace for the full marathon distance, but it’ll depend on weather and heat and how I feel on the day.  Three weeks to go.

Felt ok afterwards, so emptied a garage out and took 4 car loads to the tip, then went shopping. Shows I had a bit left 🙂

Distance:  32.22km

Time:  3:15:33 (2 min 12 sec slower than last week)

Avg HR:  148bpm

Avg pace:  6:04 min/km

Calories:  2371

White trainers #2