Day: May 27, 2015

heel hurting

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Wednesday 27 May

Woke up to the usual stiff/sore right heel but today it didn’t ease off after walking downstairs.  It’s really sore, tender, inflamed.  I’ve hobbled around Manchester Airport picking up Emma and Ash returning on an early morning arrival from USA, limped around our office in Leeds, shuffled around the house we’re selling as I sort out final things for completion. I stuck it in a bowl of cold water this afternoon for a few hours and dozed off; minor relief, soon hurting just as bad again.  The boss saw me in Leeds and told me to work at home Thirsday and Friday and rest my leg. Think I might need to book an appointment at the physio, unless it dramatically improves overnight.  Just over two weeks to Liverpool Marathon and starting to think the worst – all those months of training could be in vain…