Month: June 2015


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Gave physio an update on the marathon and the two training runs I’ve done since my last visit. Had a stiff heel after the second training run but its eased off by today. Physio was really pleased at progress and wants to work on conditioning to try to prevent recurrence and other injuries. The diagnosis is still that a joint in my right hip lacks the same freedom of movement and flexibility of my left joint.

Went outside and learned dynamic stepping exercises and hopping routines (plyometrics). Can do these routines and mix with some running.

Next appointment is in three weeks.

training run #959

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Tuesday 23 June, 07:42

About 12C, sunny, cool. Went for another 5 mile run but this time planned an out and back route using minor roads. Got off to a bad start landing on my backside getting over a barrier at the other side of the main road. Only embarrassment, and a banged elbow. Enjoyed the run, brilliant weather. Along narrow single track country roads. Right foot was landing flat again until my heel got going at 1 mile, then ran more normally. No pain, just ‘odd’. Checked the map afterwards and realised I’d gone well off my planned route, but I didn’t get lost.

Distance:  8.08km

Time:  46:28

Avg HR:  no data

Avg pace:  5:45 min/km

Calories:  699

White trainers #2

training run #958

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Sunday 21 June, 07:50

13C, overcast, drizzly. First run since completing Liverpool marathon. Ran from hotel in Lisieux, out and back along a main road.  Didn’t feel any real heel discomfort but my right foot felt like it was slapping down, didn’t have much bounce in my leg.  Nice to get running though, and my leg felt stronger and was running more normally after a few km.  Saw a few rabbits, a pony and a loud Alsatian guard dog, but concentrated on the light traffic heading towards me.  Had a headwind on the return, and tired slightly.  5 miles.

Distance:  8.01km

Time:  45:21

Avg HR:  no data

Avg pace:  5:40 min/km

Calories:  687

White trainers #2

Rock n Roll Liverpool Marathon 14 June 2015

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Allegedly 12C, but it felt like 4C waiting on the Albert Dock in the wind. Overcast to start, breezy, but sun broke through later on.  Only got agreement from my physio to run yesterday, on condition that I pull out if Achilles flares up.

Did a faster than planned first 10k, even though it had plenty of climbs up to Everton FC. From 10k to 23k I ran and chatted with a chap from Ayr (works in Fire Brigade doing his first marathon, but didn’t get a name).  Passed 21.1k in under 2 hours (good for me) and realised I was running too fast.  Didn’t wear chest HR strap but noted my pace.

Really struggled on a climb at 24k and fell behind the chap from Ayr.  Just lacked energy, bounce. Think my conditioning suffered because I hadn’t run for a couple of weeks, and it had turned hot.  I started to run/walk and kept going.  By the last part of the race it was more walking than running. 

Think it was in Sefton Park a chap ran past then came back and asked if I was Jeff’s brother. Think his name was Mark, we ran together for a few hundred yards. (He’d been with Jeff in Poland recently on business)

No heel problems, but I did feel my core strength wasn’t great. My lower back tired but didn’t spasm. My hips tired and after finishing my right adductors told me I’d overworked them a bit.

Ran the last 400m or so and enjoyed the finish. In fact I enjoyed it all. Even when I was walking I walked purposefully, held my head high and smiled an awful lot. I’d rather do that than shuffle along with a grimace and suffer more afterwards.

Was a little disappointed I couldn’t run more of the 26.2, but I know I was so close to not running at all. Entering the arena the penny dropped that I’d done it and I had a few seconds of big emotion, the completion of many months of training. If I ever lose that feeling for the marathon it’ll be time to call it a day. 

Only noticed a blister on left foot; not bad. No doubt I’ll be a bit stiff in the morning. Overall it was a good event, well organised, more hills than I’d expected, a lot of crowd shouts for ‘go Steve’, and my spectator (wife) could have done with food on sale in the arena. A minor criticism.

Distance:  42.2km (Garmin 42.07km)

Official time:  4:52:55
Garmin time:  4:52:38 (my first button press didn’t work)

Avg HR:  no data

Avg pace:  6:57 min/km

Calories:  3288


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Saturday 13 June

After some improvement with right Achilles I’ve had a couple of days with occasional soreness. Completed stair/step exercises ok.

Physio said heel seems to be settling down but the new soreness could be several small tears that are appearing during the recovery.  Pleased with progress and he videod me running on a treadmill.  Right foot isn’t landing as far forward as the left, it’s a noticeably shorter stride. This foot placement means I have to push off more with right leg, and this has been overloading the Achilles.  Linked this short stride with right hip issue he identified last time, so did some more treatment on that and applied some k tape too. Went back on treadmill after.

Discussing the Liverpool marathon tomorrow I was surprised the physio said I could do it – as long as I paid attention and stopped if in serious discomfort. He didn’t think I would do any serious damage to Achilles and was content to let me have a go. Can also do bits of running while on holiday in France if I feel like it.


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Wednesday 3 June

Making great progress. From yesterday (Tues) I could walk without limping. Still got an insert in my trainers. Only a little heel soreness from time to time. 

Physio manipulated right heel. Also looked at my back and joints. My right hip was not as flexible as the left, so he worked on that and I noticed the difference afterwards. Jonathan talked about part of the hip that normally has a very small range of movement, just 2 degrees, and if that gets restricted it can have a bad effect on gait, etc.  

Reapplied physio tape to heel, keep taking the ibuprofen for another week. Learned some exercises to do on stairs. Do some brisk walks but no running yet. Take shoe insert out from the weekend. 

Next appointment Weds 10 June, when I will also have an assessment on a treadmill.