Day: June 3, 2015


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Wednesday 3 June

Making great progress. From yesterday (Tues) I could walk without limping. Still got an insert in my trainers. Only a little heel soreness from time to time. 

Physio manipulated right heel. Also looked at my back and joints. My right hip was not as flexible as the left, so he worked on that and I noticed the difference afterwards. Jonathan talked about part of the hip that normally has a very small range of movement, just 2 degrees, and if that gets restricted it can have a bad effect on gait, etc.  

Reapplied physio tape to heel, keep taking the ibuprofen for another week. Learned some exercises to do on stairs. Do some brisk walks but no running yet. Take shoe insert out from the weekend. 

Next appointment Weds 10 June, when I will also have an assessment on a treadmill.