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Saturday 13 June

After some improvement with right Achilles I’ve had a couple of days with occasional soreness. Completed stair/step exercises ok.

Physio said heel seems to be settling down but the new soreness could be several small tears that are appearing during the recovery.  Pleased with progress and he videod me running on a treadmill.  Right foot isn’t landing as far forward as the left, it’s a noticeably shorter stride. This foot placement means I have to push off more with right leg, and this has been overloading the Achilles.  Linked this short stride with right hip issue he identified last time, so did some more treatment on that and applied some k tape too. Went back on treadmill after.

Discussing the Liverpool marathon tomorrow I was surprised the physio said I could do it – as long as I paid attention and stopped if in serious discomfort. He didn’t think I would do any serious damage to Achilles and was content to let me have a go. Can also do bits of running while on holiday in France if I feel like it.

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