training run #964 with conditioning reps

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Tuesday 14 July, 06:27

15C, bright, warm and a bit overcast.  The same pattern as recent 4 mile runs.  Felt OK on the run and wasn’t that bothered when two blokes passed me one third of the way round RV, but I noted them and upped my pace so they didn’t disappear into the distance.  Over the last third of the lap I eased up to them and on the last 100 metres I sprinted and blew past them. Sort of reminded me of when I did that in late May and did my Achilles, but did it anyway. Tired but really enjoyed the run. Increased the volume of conditioning reps slightly to 15 steps and 3×10 hops.

Distance:  6.73km

Time:  37:49

Avg HR:  no data

Avg pace:  5:37 min/km

Calories:  583

White trainers #2

 Conditioning:  steps x15, hops 3×10 – two sets

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