training run #972

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Saturday 8 August, 07:16

15C, warm, sunny.  Went for a 10 mile run, three laps of RV.  Felt right heel for the first lap, didn’t seem fast or strong but kept a fairly steady pace.  My left thigh tired late on, but it was good to get this done today. Nice weather, no major problems and the longest run since my Achilles flared up / Liverpool marathon.  Drank 500ml water.

Hoping I will soon be back to 3x 7 mile runs on weekdays and 13 miles at the weekend, my ‘routine’ pattern when not on a marathon training schedule. This week was 2x 7 miles (Tu & Th) and 10 miles on the weekend.

Distance:  16.17km

Time:  1:36:12

Avg HR:  150bpm

Avg pace:  5:57 min/km

Calories:  1315

White trainers #2

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