Day: September 26, 2015

training run #988

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Saturday 26 September, 06:41

5C, clear skies, cold.  The coldest it’s been for months, so I swapped my t-shirt for long sleeves for a 13 mile run. Good call. Set out half an hour before sunrise and enjoyed a fantastic view as the sun came up.  Had 2 gels and 500ml water.  Didn’t tire as much towards the end compared to last week. Could be due to getting fitness back and/or the cool temperature; I always feel better running when it’s not warm.

Another work trip will upset my running early next week – an exhibition in Edinburgh.  Hoping the 4 hour train ride won’t affect my knees like the others did.

Distance:  21.11km

Time:  2:07:00

Avg HR:  151bpm

Avg pace:  6:01 min/km

Calories:  1476

White trainers #2

Wildlife:  3 peacocks (could have been 1 peacock and 2 pea hens)