Month: October 2015

training run #995

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Saturday 31 October, 07:35

11C, bright but overcast and cool.  Went for a 7 mile run.  

Didn’t run midweek because I needed to recover after a bad day on Monday.  Felt really stressed and eventually worked out I’d been overdoing it with early runs, full work days and then decorating till late.  Seemed sensible to take back control and rest a bit more.  I remembered back a couple of years ago when I felt the same, due to clearing a house and garden, working full time and setting difficult deadlines while doing everything solo.  Nearly sent me into a spiral then, I recognised the symptoms this week and dialled back the activity.  By Friday (yesterday) I was walking out of work smiling with most things under control and feeling in a better place.

Back the run, which was straightforward and nothing remarkable. I nearly chose to run without my Garmin, but did.  My heart rate chest strap slipped down a lot and I don’t know if the accuracy was affected or not.  It was good to get out in the fresh air and I was glad I did the run.  Even happier that this evening Jeff (twin brother) and I have booked for the Manchester Marathon in April 2016; bring it on!

Distance:  11.56km

Time:  1:06:51

Avg HR:  163bpm(?)

Avg pace:  5:47 min/km

Calories:  897

White trainers #2


training run #994

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Sunday 25 October, 07:55

6C, cool, a bright Autumn day.  Went for a 7 mile run expecting a slow, plodding pace.  I felt quite good considering the decorating I’ve been doing, and my pace seemed OK at around 5:30 min/km.  Kept on at that pace and better, and was surprised to run under 64 minutes (Thursday’s run was well over 69 minutes for the same route). I put it down to near perfect weather conditions for me running, and possibly the DIY helping my general fitness, keeping active instead of watching TV.

That’s 28 miles this week (4x 7 miles), almost back to my usual 34 miles routine.  Steady does it.

Distance:  11.51km

Time:  1:03:45

Avg HR:  159bpm

Avg pace:  5:32 min/km

Calories:  799

White trainers #2

training run #993

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Friday 23 October, 06:30

4C, cold, dark, breezy, cloudy.  Went for the usual 7 mile run. Tough getting out of bed but was rewarded with two laps of the park all to myself; no dog walkers, cyclists or runners 🙂 Felt right Achilles for the first mile, otherwise fine, strong even. Pleased to get three weekday runs in this week, and hope to get out on Sunday to make it four runs for the week.

Distance: 11.45km

Time:  1:06:57

Avg HR:  152bpm

Avg pace:  5:51 min/km

Calories:  860

White trainers #2

training run #992

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Thursday 22 October, 07:15

13C, windy and mild. Started an hour later than usual and went for a 7 mile run. Right calf was stiff for the first lap then eased off.  A slow (for me) run but that’s fine, just good to get out.  It started very cloudy and finished with a nice sunrise across the park.

Distance:  11.46km

Time:  1:09:13

Avg HR:  150bpm

Avg pace:  6:02 min/km

Calories:  879

White trainers #2

training run #991

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Tuesday 20 October, 06:23

8C, cool, clear skies – and dark! First use this Autumn of my run light, for the usual 7 mile distance.  Hamstrings were a bit stiff after 5 hours of painting/decorating on Sunday.  Calves and right heel were fine in comparison.  The run light helped me focus just on running style, and making sure I didn’t turn my ankle on the worst bits of the path.  Heart rate seemed better than of late, maybe because I like it cool.  A good run, glad I made the effort instead of calling it off with the hamstrings. Beautiful scenery with a bit of mist on the water and the park almost to myself.

I’ve just done another three hours of painting tonight so we’ll see how my hamstrings react.

Distance:  11.5km

Time:  1:07:43

Avg HR:  149bpm

Avg pace:  5:53 min/km

Calories:  803

White trainers #2

Wildlife: 3 rabbits

training run #990

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Sunday 18 October, 07:49

10C, mild on the sheltered near side of RV, cool in the slight headwind on the far side. Just did 7 miles, getting back to my usual distances gradually.  Felt good, but noticed slight stiffness right calf, which switched to left calf at the end.  

Had another big conference to set up this week followed by a dash to London on Friday, which messed up the days I had available to run. Decorating this week but work looks more normal, less travel planned.

Distance:  11.52km

Time:  1:06:00

Avg HR:  162bpm (saw it reach 182 on the climb up from RV)

Avg pace:  5:44 min/km

Calories:  768

White trainers #2

Wildlife:  1 squirrel

training run #989

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Sunday, 11 October, 08:02

10C, a mild, bright day.  This was my first run for two weeks because of all the other stuff I described in my previous post.  So pleased to get the trainers on and get outside.  I limited myself to 7 miles today and will build up to my usual weekly routine gradually.  Felt right heel on and off, but only slightly.  Had lots of spring in my stride and enjoyed it.

I actually followed this run with a 3 mile walk later the same morning, walking Dallara the pup with Emma and Jacqui.

Distance:  11.53km

Time:  1:05:23

Avg HR:  163bpm (high)

Avg pace:  5:40 min/km

Calories:  777

White trainers #2