Day: October 20, 2015

training run #991

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Tuesday 20 October, 06:23

8C, cool, clear skies – and dark! First use this Autumn of my run light, for the usual 7 mile distance.  Hamstrings were a bit stiff after 5 hours of painting/decorating on Sunday.  Calves and right heel were fine in comparison.  The run light helped me focus just on running style, and making sure I didn’t turn my ankle on the worst bits of the path.  Heart rate seemed better than of late, maybe because I like it cool.  A good run, glad I made the effort instead of calling it off with the hamstrings. Beautiful scenery with a bit of mist on the water and the park almost to myself.

I’ve just done another three hours of painting tonight so we’ll see how my hamstrings react.

Distance:  11.5km

Time:  1:07:43

Avg HR:  149bpm

Avg pace:  5:53 min/km

Calories:  803

White trainers #2

Wildlife: 3 rabbits