Day: November 29, 2015

training run #1003

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Sunday 29 November, 07:49

8C, cool, rainy.  Got out of a nice warm bed for this 7 mile run. With rain expected to follow heavy overnight rain and wind, I knew this would not be a sunrise run.  Still only needed tshirt and shorts, like Friday.  Started off in light drizzle and it gradually got heavier and heavier, until towards the end of the second lap the wind was driving steady rain horizontally into my left ear hole.  Was feeling strong though, a bit of bounce in my legs, and was surprised the time wasn’t even faster than 64 mins.

Distance:  11.51km

Time:  1:04:10

Avg HR:  156bpm

Avg pace:  5:35 min/km

Calories:  889

White trainers #2