Day: December 31, 2015

training run #1013

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Thursday 31 December, 07:13

6C, cool, clear skies, windy.  Another 7 miles for the last run of the year.  Felt really tired after building a wardrobe and lifting new bedroom furniture yesterday, but decided I had to get a run in to keep on marathon schedule.  Could only plod around and while it was windy it wasn’t making me run on the spot, so can’t blame that for a very slow time.  Heart rate was reasonable though 🙂  Still struggling with a blister on left instep. 

Distance:  11.55km

Time:  1:11:16

Avg HR:  144bpm

Avg pace:  6:10 min/km

Calories:  824

White trainers #2

Wildlife:  1 squirrel